Newton the Gargoyle

Newton SelfieJust as Calvin had Hobbes, Newton is Amy’s pet gargoyle. He freqently travels with her and has his own Facebook page here, where his fans can connect with him. Often the life of the party when they go out, Newton loves getting his picture taken with friends and fans. Below is a picture of Newton with actor Bryan Cranston.


He enjoys accompanying Amy to speaking engagements and events. As a character in her book The Orchard of Hope, he signed copies of that book with her at Book Expo America. Newton returned as a charcter in The War of Words. The fame went to his head a bit and he’s had business cards made declaring him “Nashville’s finest gargoyle.”


Newton is a rather adventurous foodie who enjoys trying new restaurants, and he’s also a huge fan of the arts. In fact, he enjoys many of the same activities that Amy does but sometimes doesn’t know his limits. Most gargoyles live for hundreds of years, giving them the illusion of immortality. Newton has been known to eat to excess or stay up all night waiting for Santa.


With a childlike sense of curiosity, Newton embraces life and lives it to the fullest.