Amy Neftzger began Amy_Neftzgerwriting and publishing for various journals in 1995. Her first fiction book, a collection of short stories called Conversations With the Moon, was published in 2003. Her writing style in this book contained elements of romance and whimsy mixed with more literary passages that engaged audiences. She followed this release with  picture book for children called All That The Dog Ever Wanted, which is a story about a dog seeking approval from his owner, a little boy named Cole. The book was designed to to introduce children to jazz music and comes with a jazz CD sampler. Curriculum was also developed to be used along with the book in elementary school classrooms and is available on the publisher’s website here.


Often being praised for her abilities with wordplay, she has continued to publish fantasy books for middle grade/ young adult readers and literary pieces that sometimes lean more towards the genre of magical realism. She continues to write nonfiction as well as assist other writers and artists in developing their craft through individual mentoring, leading discussion groups, and classes.